About NCIR

Our Club

Our club was formed around 25 years ago, first as the Golden Bears, then as Rohnert Park Express. We have recently changed our name to North Coast Inline Racing to reflect the wide area our members come from.

On the short track side, our home rink is Cal Skate of Rohnert Park, located at 6100 Commerce Blvd. in Rohnert Park. We compete in the Southwest Pacific Inline Speed League, which currently has 14 member clubs from California, Nevada and Arizona. Our league holds a series of contests each year for the Southwest Pacific League Challenge Cup Trophies. At the end of each season, we compete in the Southwest Pacific Regional Championships, which is our qualifier for the USA Roller Sports National Championships.

Many of our skaters also enjoy outdoor skating, both locally and at a national level. Our club has produced world class skaters that have competed internationally with great success.

Since its inception, our club has had several coaches, including Bob Houston, Ray Gregson, Jim and Joann Jolman and Dale Carr. Jeff Joseph, coached from 1992 to 2005. Jeff was asked to take over the coaching duties in 1992. That was the same year the inline skates were introduced to roller speed skating, so this became an even bigger challenge.


Our Coaching Staff

Our current coaching staff consists of Melody Scahill and Deborah Alpers.


We have had many members over the years and hope they will always consider themselves part of our club. Throughout the years we've tried to remain focused on the most important reasons for our club—Fun, Fitness, Family and Friends.


North Coast Inline Racing  •  6100 Commerce Blvd., Rohnert Park, CA  •  (707) 478-9093